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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Free Vein Screening or Vein Consultation ... Which Would Work For You?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive at Capitol Vein and Laser is “What is the difference between a vein consultation and a free vein screening?”

Initially, a "free vein screening" is a great option for some patients, as it does not require any exchange of insurance information or co-payment for the visit.  This optional screening includes the patient answering some brief questions, reviewing symptoms with the physician, and a visual leg exam.  You have the chance to meet our board certified vascular surgeons and vein specialists - Dr. Paul McNeill or Dr. Garth Rosenberg – who can provide information and direction.

A vein consultation is an opportunity to meet the doctor for a full leg assessment.  You and the doctor will discuss your health history, order and/or review diagnostic testing (if applicable), make a diagnosis, and discuss a treatment or management plan.  A vein consultation is necessary before proceeding with treatment, since insurance companies often request the consultative note and physician plan prior to authorization of treatment.  The vein consultation requires insurance information and co-payment. 

The staff at Capitol Vein & Laser Centers can help you determine whether a vein screening or a full consultation would be most appropriate for your unique situation.


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