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Monday, July 22, 2013

Does Exercise Cure Varicose Veins?

Patients often ask if there are any exercises that can reduce the impact of, or even cure, varicose veins.  Exercise is always a good option for overall health and well being.  In regards to varicose veins, the more you use the calf and thigh muscles, the more beneficial exercise can be.  Walking, running, stair climbing, and swimming cause the leg muscle to contract and push blood up the leg.   One of my Centreville, Virginia patients, a marathon runner, noted that exercising helped improve her leg aches, but the aches returned with standing up for long periods of time or sitting in her car during her daily commute.

What's important to understand is that varicose veins develop due to vein wall or vein valve weakness, which allows gravity to push the venous blood down the leg in the opposite direction of normal flow. Vein weakness is often a hereditary issue, though we know that prior blood clots or leg injury can also lead to backflow in the veins. So while exercise can help reduce the impact of the symptoms of leg aching and heaviness, it does not cure vein weakness.

Ultimately, closing the saphenous vein using the Venefit Procedure is the best remedy, as we can permanently eliminate the backpressure in the veins. This procedure is done in the office under local anesthesia and is covered by most insurance coverage.

For the best in Virginia vein care, you can get a free brief evaluation or a full consultation at one of the Capitol Vein and Laser Center offices, where we introduced venous ablation to the region 13 years ago, right after it was approved by the FDA to treat varicose veins.


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