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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Is Varicose Vein Treatment Necessary?

I asked a patient today "What made you decide to seek treatment for your varicose veins?"  She replied that she's had varicose veins for years and that some people told her it was "just cosmetic," while others suggested she get her legs checked. Not understanding the importance of early intervention, the patient had waited about two years before coming to see a specialist. 

The reality is that once varicose veins appear on the legs, a proper evaluation by an expert in venous disease, such as a vascular surgeon, is necessary so the best information will be available.  Early intervention prevents leg pain, leg swelling and venous stasis changes, such as CEAP levels IV – VI.  Fortunately, now that she’s sought treatment, my patient had had a proper evaluation and treatment, finally correcting her veins and restoring the health and appearance of her legs.     

One significant change surrounding vein care is that is now the rule because of the progressive nature of venous reflux.  If you are experiencing symptoms of varicose veins, schedule a consultation at Capitol Vein & Laser Center.


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