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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Help! My Spider Veins are Bleeding!

From time to time, I evaluate patients who have experienced bleeding from their spider veins.  This is a rare occurrence that typically creates a lot of anxiety.  Oftentimes 911 is called and the patient is rushed to the emergency room for care.  

Bleeding usually occurs from veins similar to those in the picture - bulbous spider veins or venules that are most frequently seen on the lower leg and ankle.  The fragile skin covering these superficial veins is easily traumatized.  Bleeding often occurs in the shower or is recognized immediately after a shower, most likely due to veins being dilated from the hot water and the increased pressure from standing.  Because of the venous hypertension at the ankle level, the blood will actually appear to shoot a few feet across the room.  Understandably, this can be frightening but it’s easy to manage.  Just sit on the floor, elevate the leg, apply pressure and wait for the bleeding to stop.  Gently wrapping an ace bandage around the bleeding area is helpful, but it should only be worn until the bleeding has stopped.  The vein specialists at Capitol Vein & Laser Center can evaluate your legs and make treatment recommendations at your convenience. 


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