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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Your Best Choice For Varicose Vein Treatment

Varicose veins are quite common in both men and women, and are clearly influenced by your genetic makeup. Other factors such as multiple pregnancies, blood clot history, and obesity can play a role in weakening the legs veins. Fortunately, these bad veins are easily treated with office-based procedures like the Venefit Procedure.  Many vein centers offer treatment using lasers and, although it is a much more appealing option than the “old school” vein stripping treatments, lasers can still be painful.  

One of our Ashburn, Virginia patients received laser vein treatment from another doctor last year.  She came to CVL to see if there was another treatment option for the opposite leg because the laser was so painful. Unfortunately, I hear this repeatedly from patients. The laser basically "boils" the blood in the vein, attempting to seal it shut.

Venefit, previously known as VNUS Closure, uses thermal energy to cause the vein wall to shrink and obliterate. Your normal veins take over, bringing the blood up your leg against the constant downward force of gravity. As the circulation normalizes, symptoms like leg aching and heaviness vanish almost immediately.  We have found that the Venefit Procedure is less painful than laser treatment and has actually been shown to provide superior results when studied over many years.

Early evaluation and treatment of varicose veins gives you the best chance for a relatively simple fix to the problem.  To maintain excellent leg health and ensure you receive the most current information, seek advice from a physician with added qualifications from the American Board of Phlebology.


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