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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Treatment for Varicose Veins Coming Soon

On February 4, 2013, BTG plc announced that it has submitted a New Drug Application (NDA) to the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), seeking approval of Varisolve® (polidocanol endovenous microfoam, or PEM) as a comprehensive treatment for varicose veins.

In accordance with the FDA's standard timelines, BTG expects to hear during Q2 2013 (calendar year) whether - after initial review - the submission has been accepted for full review. Even with a positive FDA review, this treatment will likely not be available to the public until at least early 2014.

Capitol Vein & Laser Centers' Dr. Garth Rosenberg and Dr. Paul McNeill were key investigators in this study, which indicates that newer, even less invasive methods may soon be available to treat varicose veins. Currently, the best option for patients with varicose veins is the Venefit Procedure (formerly VNUS Closure), which has been established in many large medical studies as an extremely safe and durable treatment.

Venefit is performed via a small heated probe in the feeder vein. The probe causes this feeder vein to seal shut and reduce the pressure directed into the lower leg. Because the procedure is office-based  and carries minimal discomfort or side effects, patients can expect to return to normal activity the same day

The medical community has worked closely with the medical insurers to show the benefits of varicose vein treatment, and most procedures are covered by insurance. Ignoring varicose veins only leads to progressive problems and ongoing risk of blood clots. Early evaluation and intervention can reduce risks and lead to improved leg health. See us for free evaluations and full consults at any of our Virginia, West Virginia or Maryland offices.


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