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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Varicose Veins Can Cause Blood Clots

A patient visited our Leesburg, VA office after waking one morning with sudden-onset pain and tenderness in his left leg. Though he'd had varicose veins in the same area for several years, he neglected to seek evaluation or treatment at a time when correcting the condition would have been a straightforward process.

Unfortunately, his leg pain indicated that he had developed blood clots in the varicose veins (one of the risks of untreated venous disease). This is known as superficial phlebitis. Now that clots are present, treatment options are less than ideal and often remain incomplete.

Other symptoms of varicose veins include throbbing, swelling, heaviness and restless legs. We strongly suggest that patients who have visible varicose veins or who are experiencing similar symptoms, even if no vein abnormalities appear on the surface, seek evaluation and treatment before serious problems result. Luckily, treatment is often covered by medical insurance and is performed in the office under local anesthesia with immediate recovery. VNUS Closure (Venefit Procedure) is the most studied and reliable method of treating many of the common causes of varicose veins.

Free evaluations are available by Dr. Rosenberg or Dr. McNeill at the Capitol Vein & Laser Centers offices in Frederick, MD; Bethesda, MD; Charles Town, WV; and Leesburg, VA.


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