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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Say Goodbye to Spider Veins on Your Face

Capitol Vein & Laser Centers often sees patients frustrated by small red veins on their faces, primarily around the cheeks, chin and nose. In many cases, they've received an incorrect diagnosis of rosacea, an inflammatory dermatologic condition. Most facial spider veins are the results of sun exposure, although environmental, hereditary, and hormonal factors may play a part in the condition as well. Both men and women are prone to this problem.

Treatment for facial spider veins is quite simple and consists primarily of heat therapy, though larger nasal veins can be treated well with sclerotherapy. Intense pulsed light (IPL) is effective for certain small facial veins, but in our experience, Veinwave and VeinGogh (pronounced "veinGo") offer the best chance of success. Both techniques use a tiny heated probe to deliver thermal energy to the veins, leading to their absorption. Side effects are minimal and usually consist of mild skin redness or tiny areas of crusted skin that disappear quickly.  After treatment, which typically takes about 20 minutes, patients should avoid direct sun exposure for several weeks and use sunscreen after that - even during the winter.

Spider veins of the legs, face, and even chest are easy to correct with the above-mentioned techniques. Schedule a free evaluation (always available) at a Capitol Vein & Laser Center office in Maryland, Virginia or West Virginia.


Eddie said...

Its really good to see articles being written on treatment for spider veins. I myself read a lot about such issues. Nice post! :D

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