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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Is Laser Vein Surgery Really the Best Varicose Vein Treatment?

Varicose veins are caused by weak one-way vein valves in the legs. The faulty valves allow gravity to push blood down the leg. As pressure in the veins increases, they bulge at the surface, leading to common symptoms like aching, throbbing, swelling, and even restless legs.

A patient in Capitol Vein & Laser Centers' Leesburg, Virginia office visited us for a second opinion about her varicose veins after being told that her only option was laser vein surgery. But a critical piece of information was omitted from her first opinion: certain laser treatments are more painful and carry a longer recovery period than the current optimal technique of Venefit (VNUS Closure). In fact, several studies indicate that recovery (including extent of bruising and pain) is more prolonged when laser is used, as compared to the Venefit procedure.

The Venefit procedure is office based, performed under local anesthesia with immediate recovery. In fact, insurance usually will cover this treatment, as it is recognized to be medically necessary in many instances.

At our regional veins centers in Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia, we offer free evaluations by our board certified vascular surgeons and phlebologists (specialists in vein care). Dr. Garth Rosenberg or Dr. Paul McNeill will be happy to give you the best advise for your own specific symptoms and condition.


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