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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Varicose Veins in Olympic Athletes

Olympians are considered some of the most fit, in-shape athletes on the planet, and they certainly do their best to maintain optimal health and well-being. But despite every effort, varicose veins can plague even these healthiest of men and women.

Summer Sanders, retired gold medalist in swimming, is a perfect example of an otherwise healthy patient who developed varicose veins due to hereditary risk factors. Her physique and training regimen might lead you to believe that her chance of developing varicose veins would be exceedingly low. 

However, we see quite a number of patients who are runners, cyclists, and fitness instructors who present with notable, symptomatic varicose veins. The problem veins aren't caused by any excessive stress on the legs; after all, most Olympians do not manifest varicosities in the legs. Instead, genetics are typically the cause, and we know that certain families have a higher risk of developing varicose veins due to a generalized weakness in the vein walls.  These veins are unable to resist the downward push of gravity and over time, veins bulge and then ache, throb, and cause ankle swelling or even blood clots. In Summer's case, the Venefit Procedure (formerly known as VNUS Closure) proved the ideal treatment option to rid her of her varicose veins.

If you are an athlete and have aching legs or throbbing or prominent veins, you ought to consider a free vein screening or evaluation at one of our four regional vein centers in Maryland, Virginia of West Virginia. Dr. Garth Rosenberg or Dr. Paul McNeill, both vascular surgeons and diplomats of the American Board of Phlebology, can give you a thorough analysis and develop an optimum treatment plan.


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Robert Muldoon said...

I never thought I would have a problem with varicose veins as a man, but sure enough, genetics got me and they had become a real issue. So I went out and inquired about varicose vein treatment in Chicago, and found several doctors that could help with the throbbing and general poor feeling. The good news though is that after the procedure, there are no lingering effects! It is great now!

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