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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rethink Your Varicose Veins: Get a Second Opinion

Have you been told that your varicose veins could not be treated?  Have you undergone some treatment but still have the veins that you originally sought care for in the first place? Or, have you sought treatment for what you expected was going to be a simple problem, only to find that the recommendations seem unnecessarily complex?

If so, it's time to seek a second opinion on your vein problem. The evaluation and treatment of venous disease has evolved in the last decade; the science is better defined and there are several excellent treatment plans, depending on your particular needs.

When seeking care, it's critical to go to a center specializing in vein care, where the physicians have dedicated their practice to this specialized area of medicine. Some things to consider during your visit:
  • Are you evaluated by the physician who will actually perform your treatment, or evaluated by one person and then handed off to someone who just performs the procedure?
  • Did you ask the treating physician if your veins be gone after the treatment is completed? Was the answer "maybe" or "definitely"?
  • What is the treatment plan? (Typically vein care is executed in a multi-step fashion.)
At Capitol Vein & Laser Centers, our goal is to restore the health and appearance of your legs according to the expectations we establish with with you at the beginning of care. We do everything we can to give you the beautiful, energetic legs you had before the vein problems began.

Our facilities are accredited as Ambulatory Surgery Centers and our vascular testing is accredited by ICAVL. Dr. McNeill and Dr. Rosenberg teach vein care to physicians all over the country, and often host visiting physicians in our offices because they seek the level of knowlege we practice with patients every day. Choose the right vein center: schedule an appointent in one of our four conveniently located offices near you.


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