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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Varicose Veins: Case Study

A patient of Capitol Vein & Laser Centers' Leesburg, Virginia office came to us after several years of  daily aching, swelling and itching of her lower leg varicose veins.

She had for several years noticed progressive discoloration of her lower leg, and even was treated for restless leg syndrome, which had led to many sleepless nights.  It was only after her sister told her to rethink treating her varicose veins that she began to understand that VNUS closure (now known as the Venefit procedure) is covered by insurance, highly effective and allows immediate return to normal activity.

You should know that while medical support hosiery and leg elevation are helpful in controlling your symptoms, the "gold standard" in vein treatments that eliminate the problem is VNUS closure, often followed by phlebectomy or sclerotherapy.

If you have questions concerning your varicose veins, see us for an evaluation at any of our Maryland, Virginia or West Virginia offices, and Dr. Rosenberg or Dr. McNeill will be happy to advise you.


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