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Monday, March 5, 2012

Myths of Varicose Veins - Part 1

We'd like to debunk a few myths and encourage you to rethink how you go about treating your varicose veins:

Myth 1:  "I' have to wait until I'm done having kids before getting my veins treated." 

In reality, treating varicose veins sooner means:

    You'll see less damage to the skin of the lower legs (a common side effect of varicose veins)
    Fewer veins will have lost functional valves, so your treatment will be shorter
    You'll experience less inflammation and an easier recovery
    You'll have a reduced chance of worsening leg pain during subsequent pregnancies

Myth 2:  "Varicose veins are mostly cosmetic, and it's safe to leave them alone." 

In reality, treatment of varicose veins can improve leg health and reduce risk of complications like:

    Pain, swelling and Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)
    Phlebitis (blood clots)
    Permanent skin damage to the ankles, along with skin ulcers
    Abnormal or reduced leg circulation

VNUS Closuremicrophlebectomy and sclerotherapy are the ideal options to help with your varicose veins, and all are performed as in-office procedures that allow immediate return to normal activity.

Look for more myths vs. reality in future posts!  If you have specific questions, make an appointment to see either Dr. Rosenberg or Dr. McNeill at one of our Maryland, Virginia or West Virginia offices. Insurers cover treatment for varicose veins, and there is no reason to avoid treatment because of this concern.


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