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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Varicose Vein Treatment for Leg Health

I recently read an article discussing the risk that varicose veins may lead to severe blood clots and even fatal complications. The gist of the article is that varicose veins can predispose a patient to blood clots in the legs. Some of these clots, knows as DVTs (deep vein thrombosis) can lead to long-term health issues with swelling and leg ulcers. A portion of these DVTs can also break loose from the leg and travel to the lung, leading to PE (pulmonary embolism). Some PEs are fatal as blood is blocked from circulating in the heart and lungs.

Keep in mind that treating your varicose veins is not about vanity or cosmetic issues. Your leg health depends on normal circulation, and it's highly advisable to restore your veins to as normal a state as possible.

Varicose veins are common causes of restless leg syndrome, swelling, aching and pain. Treatment with insurance-covered procedures such as VNUS Closure, phlebectomy or ClariVein is done in the office under local anesthesia, and recovery is immediate. Results are long lasting and effective in eliminating symptoms.

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