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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Is Sclerotherapy of Leg Veins Painful?

At my Leesburg, Virginia and Bethesda, Maryland vein centers, I see many patients with spider veins who want sclerotherapy.  Sclerotherapy is the ideal treatment to eliminate the small but unsightly purple, red or blue skin-level veins, as your body gradually absorbs them after the veins are exposed to the special medication.  But many patients are concerned about whether sclerotherapy is painful.

Commonly used agents are Asclera and Glycerin, neither of which cause pain on injection. This is markedly different than the old fashioned saline (salt water) that was used many years ago. The advantage of these new medications is that they are highly effective and have much less risk for skin injury than saline.

We administer sclerotherapy to spider veins with a 32-gauge needle, the smallest available. This allows us to treat the spider veins without you feeling more than the tiniest nick. Sclerotherapy is much more comfortable now that we use the newest and most effective medications with the smallest needles made.

Of course, the doctor performing the treatment must be highly experienced and have the skills needed to allow access to these tiny spider veins. When looking for a vein center for treatment, be sure you see actual photos of their own patients before and after. This will give you the assurance that your outcome will be the best it can be.


Becca said...

I know this procedure is very painful.The target of this procedure is the every veins in your leg to remove the blood clog.

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