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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

VNUS Closure is Tops in Varicose Vein Treatment

In October 2011, The Washington Post published an article discussing the differences between “old fashioned” surgical vein stripping and newer techniques of thermal ablation (which includes VNUS Closure and laser treatments). The writers’ conclusion was that, while after several months the results from vein stripping and closure were similar, the recovery was much simpler with VNUS Closure and recurrence of varicose veins was lower with the new methods.

Of course, after VNUS Closure, some lower leg veins remain and can be very easily treated with microphlebectomy, which is covered by most insurance payers. Small spider veins are erased with sclerotherapy, which is a cosmetic service.

At Capitol Vein & Laser, we’ve performed well over 10,000 VNUS Closures since adopting the technique in 2000. Our experience is unparalleled and, with this background, I fully support the article's conclusion: that endovenous ablation (VNUS Closure) is a huge advance over the older vein strippings, as recovery is faster, recurrence is lower, and results are excellent.

If you'd like more information, the staff at one of our offices in Frederick, MD; Charles Town, WV; Bethesda, MD or Leesburg, VA will be happy to offer guidance.


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