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Friday, November 18, 2011

Varicose Veins Are Not Just a Cosmetic Issue

One of the common myths my Leesburg, Virginia patients often ask about is whether varicose veins are only a cosmetic problem.  Actually, surface varicose veins often reflect an issue with the veins deeper than skin level and these are medical issues, covered by most insurance companies.

The direction of blood flow should be from the lower leg to the upper, against the force of gravity. When varicose veins develop, there is backflow in the deeper “feeder” veins. This often causes pain, heaviness, leg fatigue, restless leg syndrome (RLS), skin discoloration and ulceration. Blood clots are also a consequence of varicose veins.

Fortunately, treatment is very successful, durable and minimally invasive, using VNUS Closure and microphlebectomy. These are office-based procedures that eliminate the weak veins that allow backpressure to occur, thereby improving the leg circulation and relieving symptoms.  Sclerotherapy is the ideal technique to treat the small cosmetic spider veins that often result from larger varicose veins. Before and after photos highlight the effectiveness of this form of treatment.

Patients with varicose veins should seek evaluation so that ultrasound can be done to fully evaluate the venous system. Remember that varicose veins are not only a cosmetic problem and earlier treatment can prevent longer-term problems that may not be reversible.


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