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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Honest Answers About Sclerotherapy

I’ve been hearing unusual stories from my patients about the workflow for sclerotherapy of spider veins. They have rather discreet areas of spider veins on a calf or around the knee, yet are being told that effective sclerotherapy needs to begin in the upper thighs, even the waist area. In addition, these patients are told that countless numbers of sessions are required to effectively rid the leg of the localized area of spider veins.

I am concerned that “experts” in the field are using the patients’ concern for appearance and lack of thorough medical knowledge to convince them that a huge cash outlay is necessary.

We know that sclerotherapy for spider veins is a non-covered service by most health insurers, so the expense falls to the patient exclusively.  It is essential that we as experienced, ethical practitioners educate the patients honestly as to what areas of the leg deserve sclerotherapy and how many sessions might be expected.

Of course, the number of sessions will be based on several factors, such as density of the veins, size of the zone for treatment, color of the veins, and the body’s response to the agent used.  While we can give a very good idea as to how many sessions may be needed, please remember this is an estimate based on extensive experience.

Patients with a cosmetic concern for spider veins around the calf or knee most certainly do not need sclerotherapy beginning at the upper thigh or waist. Don’t be misled by inaccurate information.
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