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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Does Crossing Your Legs Cause Spider Veins?

Spider veins are extremely common in women, and patients often ask "Does crossing your legs cause spider veins?"  There is actually no evidence at all the crossing the legs increases the risk of developing spider veins. This is just a common misperception that has been passed along among friends and family.
While many spider veins are found along the inner thighs, the majority are found at the ankles or the outer parts of the legs where pressure from leg crossing is not possible.
We don’t always know the precise causes of spider veins. Heredity certainly plays a role, as many patients recall a mother or grandmother with a similar problem. The presence of varicose veins also increases the risk of spider veins. The elevated pressure in the varicosities is transmitted to the skin level enhancing the risk of developing the spiders.
No matter what the cause of the spider veins, they are a very common cosmetic problem easily and successfully treated with sclerotherapy.


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