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Monday, February 14, 2011

Sclerotherapy Can Be a Cure for Restless Leg Syndrome

I had an interesting elderly patient several months ago who had daily bilateral restless leg syndrome (RLS) and needed to take a sleeping pill nightly to get to sleep. She told me that even when she was at home watching a movie on TV, she had to get up numerous times to walk around...the RLS was that bad.

She had significant clusters of spider veins in each leg, as well as reflux in her right leg saphenous vein. This led to her having a VNUS Closure on the right leg, followed by several sessions of sclerotherapy on each leg.

I saw her today in the office and she could not be happier and more relieved. She told me that the RLS is cured!  In addition, she is now on half her normal sleeping pill dose and is on her way to eliminating it completely.

You can see from the photos that she's also had quite a dramatic benefit from the sclerotherapy in just a few months.

There are a number of medical studies that have shown that patients with RLS are often cured once the varicose and spider veins are resolved. Of course, RLS can be due to factors other that varicose veins, so while the cure is not true for everyone, many people experience very significant benefit.

If you have specific questions related to VNUS closure or sclerotherapy, please consider a consultation with any of our offices in Bethesda, MD; Frederick, MD; Leesburg, VA or Charles Town, WV.


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