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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Your Veins and Restless Legs

I saw a very interesting patient this week who illustrates how treating varicose veins can cure restless leg syndrome (RLS). The 54-year-old woman had been suffering with jumpy, jittery legs for almost four years. She had been to numerous physicians, some of who had not even looked at her legs, and placed her on several medications, including Requip and sleeping pills.  All was done to try to improve her RLS, but the symptoms persisted with unacceptable side effects from the medicines.
She recently read a report of the connection between varicose veins and RLS, and saw me in hopes of relief.  Her ultrasound showed rather typical saphenous vein reflux and fairly good sized bulging veins. I treated each leg with ablation (VNUS Closure) and microphlebectomy. Within two weeks, her RLS had disappeared and she had stopped both the Requip and sleeping pills!
This woman’s case is not unique. Many patients have symptoms of varicose veins, yet have never had proper evaluations because no one has examined their legs. I encourage any of you with concerns about your legs to ask your physician to examine them and seek advice of a vein specialist when concerns remain.


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